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My story with prescription glasses

Today I cannot help to share my story with prescription glasses with you because of my recent glasses-online-shopping-experience. Let me tell from the beginning.

Since my summer holiday is going to end and I will enter a new school to start my college year, I was planning to buy several novels and change my glasses to refresh myself. I am deeply nearsighted so I cannot live without a pair of prescription glasses. One of my friends once said that I looked better with glasses. At first I thought that she was pleasing me, but recently I do believe glasses play important role on the wearer’s image. If we choose the suitable one, it would give us an air of dignity and intellectuality. Now glasses have become a kind of daily ornaments that helps to improve the wearers’ appearances, the same as earrings or something like that. Thanks to the developed technology and techniques, the glasses are becoming more and more diversified and exquisite, which can greatly satisfy our needs.

Since glasses have become so important in our daily life, especially to me who is deeply near-sighted, I begin to pay more attention on choosing glasses. In order to find ones that are outstanding and suitable to me, I once spend large time and energy visiting local optical stores. However, I found it really difficult to find one that is pretty in appearance and reasonable in price.

When I felt disappointed and doom, I received the delivery of a dress that I bought from an online store and I love it very much. I once bought clothes from solid stores, but you know most of them are not expensive. So some friends suggest me shopping online. Since clothes that sold online are so cheap and good, how about glasses sold by online optical stores? At the idea, I immediately searched on internet. I typed the key words into the computer, and the webpage of different optical stores pop into my eyes. I glanced at the prices and description of the glasses sold by those online stores and found they were much cheaper. I was so glad at that time and began to select the prescription glasses that I like.

After a while, I chose a pair of prescription glasses from a store whose address is Now I deeply believe that buying glasses online is really a wise choice!