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My computer prescription glasses

I have there pairs of prescription eyeglasses, an ordinary one for both far distance and reading use; a pair of contact lenses for important business meeting or date and a pair of stylish sunglasses to protect my eye from dangerous UV Ray. Obviously, the ordinary progressive bifocal glasses are my best partner which also I have been using most.

Considering the contacts are bad to my eyes, only when I have some important meetings or dating, I will put on them in order to make a good impression on others. When I am on vocations, I usually wear my fashionable prescription sunglasses to attract eyeballs and get protection. Since I have to work in front of computer monitor for more than 7 hours every day. I ordered a pair of glasses on 9/7/10 and received them last week. I ordered the glasses after a visit to my Ophthalmologist, Carl Hang on 8/29/10. I normally wear progressive bifocals and at my visit I asked about getting a pair of computer glasses. I use a 24″ iMac monitor and usually sit with my eyes about 30″ from the monitor. I have found myself not liking the bifocals for computer use; I have been either looking over the glasses or taking them off completely in order to work on the computer. The new glasses I received are not working. If I sit at 30″ they are blurry and don’t clear up until I move my eyes to about 13-14″ from the monitor.

Recently, I was advised by an expert from to get a pair of computer progressive glasses, they are the best solution for me who have to use computer a lot every day. The middle of the lens is set for the distance of your computer screen and the bottom is for reading or keyboard distance which allows for a much more natural head/neck position. Considering the SOLA’s Access lenses for intermediate and near are very expensive lenses, I ordered a pair from them at only $150 Australia Dollars. I received them yesterday and I do love them. is a newly emerged on-line eyeglass store selling high quality yet cheap computer prescription glasses, computer progressive glasses and other eyewear. It has been one of the most popular on-line eyeglass stores in Australia today, due to its best service, high quality products and convenient shipment.