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Misunderstanding of Prescribe Eyeglasses

1 Why should everyone have to take an eye test before prescribing eyewear?
Receive optometry is a complex and technical procedure by which you can learn the condition of eye refraction, defining what eye errors you are suffering form. With the help of prescription, you can know the exact diopters of your eyes. On the other hand, precise prescription enable weak eyesight suffers to take precautions against lazy eyes.

2 Children shouldn’t wear eyeglasses too earlier
Once your children have been found vision errors and seems to be worse and worse, then you’d better to take your children to local hospitals to take a complete eye test. If your child have to wear a pair of prescription eyeglasses for correcting eye weakness, purchasing eyeglasses is must be your first action. Since children in infancy is the most crucial period of growth. If a baby can not see clearly at this period of time, he or she may easily suffer from various eye problems. Unfortunately, infant are unable to communicate directly with their parents, causing vision errors after being undetected in time. Therefore, to take an eye test for babies is very important. Once there are some abnormal phenomena in babies eyes, you have to take your children to have training or wear eyewear. The earlier therapy has been taken, the earlier your baby can recover.

3 Precise diopter is the most important factor of prescribing eyeglasses
This opinion is entirely wrong. An accurate prescription is not enough for prescribing a pair of comfortable eyeglasses, but also needs several technical equipments. If there are some mistakes on your prescription, all the efforts would in vain. A piece of professional prescription should contain correct diopters, distance pupils and other useful information. When your eyeglasses are being produced, several rules should be considered, because any simple mistake would result in eye strains ,pains and many somatic symptoms, even would cause eye diseases.

4 There is no need for eye test, buying a pair of reading glasses is enough.
Hyperopia is due to the aging of bodies. Prescribing reading glasses should depend on correcting the inability of eyes to focus on nearby objects, but different people have different situations which have to wear the most suitable eyeglasses just for themselves. If you are wearing the inaccurate reading glasses, you may easily feel tired and can not reading for a long time, finally it will do harm to your eye health.